How do you protect pedestrians around your construction while also minimizing disruption to the project?  Container King’s hoardings would be the perfect solution!

Hoardings (also known as temporary covered walkways) offer safety and peace of mind on a construction site as they act as a safeguard to pedestrians. Ultimately, the covered walkways keep the flow of traffic away from the construction and keep sidewalks open.  Another replacement for scaffolding walkways, hoardings offer ease of set-up and provide overhead protection to pedestrians from heavy winds, snow and rain.

Container King hoardings have been used at a variety of sites, including at hospitals during renovations, at venues during events and in metro areas with high-rise building construction.  They are engineered to be able to be stacked on top of one and other. Best yet, hoarding units can be customized to fit your specific needs; additional information on available customizations is detailed below.

Hoarding Customizations

Hoardings can be tailored to meet your specific needs, including having an interior with full lighting, electrical capabilities, ramps, windows and carpet.  Hoarding are often used as entrances to venues, or can be connected units linking buildings to other buildings or they can even have spaces in between for additional access points.

Container King’s temporary covered walkways meet ADA requirements, are cost efficient and look aesthetically pleasing, all while offering protection and piece of mind.

Below are some other examples of common modifications that the Container King can provide include:

  • • ADA accessible/ wheelchair accessible
  • • Lighting throughout
  • • Variety of flooring options (epoxy floors, non-slip carpet)
  • • Handrails (helpful with inclines)
  • • Picture frame window openings
  • • Easy transition floor plates and ramps
  • • Steel frame and fully vertical corrugated steel side and end walls

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