Ground Level Offices

Ground level offices (GLOs), mobile office containers, container offices and security offices—by any name, they’re tough, secure, affordable and relocatable on-site space solutions.

Container King’s ground level offices offer several key benefits to you, such as:

  • • No set-up charges
  • • Convenient ground level office entry and exit without steps
  • • Solid security features, including sturdy steel security screen on windows
  • • Ability to be stacked on top of each other (with exterior stairs) to fit in tight spaces

Our standard ground level office sizes are as follows:

  • • 8′ x 20′ all office container
  • • 8′ x 40′ all office container
  • • 8′ x 40′ combo unit with 28′ of office space and 12′ of storage  office

Special features of office storage containers include:

  • • Heavy 14-gauge all-steel construction
  • • Solid steel doors
  • • Sturdy welded steel security mesh on windows (removable)
  • • Wall mounted J-box for phone/data connection
  • • R21 metal clad insulation panel
  • • Air conditioning and heat installed
  • • Lighting
  • • Windows ( double as emergency exits )

Our drivers have plenty of experience delivering units into tight spaces and can work with you to ensure that your container office is placed exactly where you need it.

Ground Level Office Container Benefits

If a standard container office just won’t meet your needs, please let us know. Container King is able to incorporate modifications, such as adding roll-up doors, adding a turbine or power vent, installing overhead lighting, electrical outlets or even a finished restroom. We can deliver direct and set up based on your specific needs.

Examples of some other common modifications for office containers include:

  • • Man Doors
  • • Windows ( double as emergency exits )
  • • Window Guards
  • • R21 Insulation
  • • Interior Finishes
  • • Shelving
  • • HVAC
  • • Plumbing

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