Current Specials

Below you will find a list of our current shipping container specials.




40' Contractor Container

Vancouver Special

40′  “Loaded” Contractor Container

Call for Pricing & Details 800.587.1784

This container was a contractors units. The container itself is almost new, but here’s the carrot, we are going to sell you the unit with all the treasures inside for the price of the container itself.

You can open the doors, you can look inside, but you can’t touch anything & who ever turns up with the money today can own it.







20' Office with Skid

Edmonton Special

This one-off 20′ office with skid is now available to purchase from our Edmonton office’s rental fleet.

It has one 220 volt hanging heater along with fluorescent lighting panel box and exterior light above the man door.

This unit is also studded, insulated and paneled with fantasy wall paneling. It is priced to sell for your winter lunchroom or office for your site as is at $11,700.





20' Office for Sale

Edmonton Special

An exciting deal- one 20′ office for sale at $14,750- offered at our Edmonton location only!

This 20’ office unit is still in great shape and is ready to be put to good use as an office or lunchroom for your crew.
This unit is insulated and paneled w/ vinyl coated drywall and comes with Heat/AC, full electrical (40 amp/220 volt service required), security screens on windows, fluorescent lighting, etc.

(We sell our new units at $21,950, so this is a GREAT deal for someone in need.)

Please give us a call at 780.800.5625 to learn more.




Edmonton Special

10′ High Cube Shipping Containers

Price Starting at $5,150






Edmonton Special

9′ High Cube Shipping Containers

Price  Starting at $3,650






20' Used Containers

Edmonton Special

20′ Used Shipping Containers, Various Grades

Price  Starting at $2,300




New 20' Shipping Container Special

Edmonton Special

20’ Shipping Containers, As New

Limited quantity available!

Sale price $3,850



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