Current Specials

Below you will find a list of our current shipping container specials.


Edmonton Special

42’ x 81’ Quonset $10,000

Call for details 780-800-5625






20' shipping container two 8' roll up doors

Edmonton Special

20′ New Shipping Container, two 8′ roll up doors and functioning barn doors

Call for pricing 780-800-5625






20' Used Containers

Edmonton Special

20′ Used Shipping Containers, Various Grades

Price  Starting at $2,700




IMG_1420Edmonton Special

20′ Used Shipping Container with Skid

Price $5,950





New 20' Shipping Container Special

Edmonton Special

20’ Shipping Containers, As New

Limited quantity available!

Sale price $4,200




Calgary Special

Blowout prices on our overstocked 40’s from our rental fleet.

Calgary is overstocked on our rental fleet of 40′ sea containers.

There are several in our fleet that are in like new condition and less than 3 years old.

We are selling them off at a low price of $5700.00 each +GST

Come down and pick yours out today! – -that’s right pick yours out – -not first off the stack!


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