CK3 Safety Container

Container King’s CK3 Safety Container is our toughest container yet. It has the industry’s only emergency exit feature, so there is no need to worry about getting trapped inside the container. Our secure storage container design is tough for thieves to defeat, but our single-handle door is easy for you to open. That’s the unique power of CK3!

You can lease or purchase a CK3 Safety Container as a 20’ or 40’ or you can upgrade it to include interior solar lighting.

It’s Safe.

Conventional container doors can be a struggle to open. Our lock and lever keep you from bending and stooping when opening your secure storage container, preventing injury.

The emergency exit release allows easy opening from the inside. Should the door close on you while you’re inside, you can easily escape- even if the door lock is engaged.

It’s Secure.

The CK3 Safety Container design offers our highest level of security to help protect your equipment, tools and supplies.

The CK design utilizes interior locking rods and a difficult to access solid brass lock with a hardened steel pin. You also have the option adding or substituting a standard padlock.

It’s Simple.

Accessing the CK3 Safety Container is very simple for anyone to operate. Just turn the key, pull the lock pin and pull down on the lever.

Our single-handle door provides quick and easy entry when you need to frequently get in and out of the container to grab supplies, making you and your team more efficient throughout the workday.

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