Shipping Containers


Container King provides steel shipping containers for rent, modification and sale. These containers can accommodate the needs of several different industries like construction, industrial, commercial, mining, forestry, oil patch, shipping goods, domestic use, because the need for additional space is constant.

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We answer the call and provide our customers in every aspect of their profession, be it:

  • • The apartment complex down the street needing to store shovels and salt for the upcoming winter weather
  • • The local college or university looking to store tools and equipment during a big landscaping project
  • • A general contractor needing an extra container at the construction site of the big hospital expansion project
  • • A big box retailer needing extra space during a renovation
  • • The special event coordinator responsible for the big convention next month who needs to store telecommunications equipment

While we offer 20′ storage containers and 40′ storage containers at each of our locations throughout Western Canada, we also offer additional sizes and customizations as well. And, depending on your need, we can provide you with new shipping containers or used shipping containers for lease or for sale.

We look forward to earning your business now and becoming your long-term preferred storage provider.

Who Uses Permanent or Temporary Storage Containers?

We work with companies in every industry and of every size to provide solutions to their storage needs. Examples of the kinds of organizations we work with include:

  • • Construction Companies
  • • Health Care Institutions (Hospitals, Medical Office Buildings, Laboratories, Veterinary Clinics)
  • • Educational Institutions (Colleges and Universities, School Boards, Public and Private Schools, School Districts)
  • • Religious Institutions
  • • Government Agencies
  • • Commercial and Industrial Organizations, Manufacturers, Warehouses
  • • Sports and Recreation Organizations
  • • Retail Establishments (Shops, Restaurants, etc.)

What’s the Difference Between a Storage Container, a Shipping Container, a Seacan and a Conex (or Connex) Box?

You may hear people talk about storage containers using a variety of terms, like shipping containers, sea containers, conex boxes, and cargo containers. Whatever you want to call them is fine with us.

All of our units are:

  • • Weather-Proof
  • • 14-Gauge All-Steel Containers Equipped with Cam Rods and Wood Floors

If safety and security are important to your organization, for an additional monthly fee, we offer virtually indestructible rod locks to provide additional security.

Not only does Container King solve your short or long-term storage needs, but our team can customize your container to best meet your needs. Our container storage units can be so much more than just a hard-shelled space by simply adding features like:

  • • Partitions
  • • Vents
  • • Windows
  • • Shelving
  • • Wind turbines
  • • Insulation
  • • Solar or traditional lighting (learn more about our solar lit containers)
  • • Extra doors
  • • Other custom options/colors

Our solar lit containers provide a great interior lighting solution to dark work spaces, which helps keep both your items and your team safe. Learn more.

Below you will find a list of our containers; let us know if we can assist you with your storage needs.

Site  Solutions

  • • 20′ Office Container
  • • 20′ Tool Crib
  • • 20′ Dangerous Goods Storage Container
  • • 40′ Office Container
  • • 40′ Tool Crib
  • • 40′ Office/Tool Crib Combo (2/3 Office, 1/3 Tool Crib)
  • • Stacked 40′ Tool Crib/Office with Staircase
  • • Hoardings