Container Modifications

 Modified Shipping Containers & Custom Storage Containers

20' custom washroom
20′ Custom Washroom Project

When your storage container needs a little something extra, just let us know. Container modification may be just what you need.

Container modifications are just one of the many options we offer. Many of our office locations have modification (or ‘mod’) shops to take a normal shipping container and turn it into something special, like a custom office, kiosk, a retail shop, or even a restroom. Container King’s offices can make container modifications, such as adding roll-up doors, adding a vent, installing overhead lighting, electrical outlets or even a finished restroom.

Types of Custom Storage Containers

These container modifications can help turn standard containers into one of the following modified shipping containers:

  • • Site Offices
  • • Guard Shacks
  • • Weigh Stations (Aggregates, Mines, Ports, Highway, etc.)

    Container Modification
    40′ Custom Unit Project
  • • In-Plant Offices
  • • Cooling Stations
  • • Break Rooms / Lunch Rooms (can include heating and air conditioning, running water and furniture for your staff’s comfort)

 Common shipping container modifications include:

  • • Partitions
  • • Vents
  • • Windows
  • • Shelving
  • • Wind turbines
  • • Insulation
  • • Solar or traditional lighting (learn more about our solar lit containers)
  • • Extra doors
  • • Other custom options/colors

Additional features and Ad-Ons include:

•Bolt on lock boxes
Lock Box   Lock Box   Lock Box
•Block locks ( keyed different or keyed alike )
Block Lock   Block Lock
•3 tier hanging shelf brackets
Shelving   Shelving   Shelving
•3-tier hanging pipe racks
•48”x36” bolt on sliding window w/ powder coated frame and security screen
Window   Window   Window
•36” steel weld in man doors (w/ passage lock)
Man Doors   Man Doors   Man Doors
•36” powder coated metal clad wood doors w/ bolt on frames (w/panic bar and dead bolt, check chain and weather stripping & latch guard)
Kingspan Panel Office   Kingspan Panel Office
•36” steel insulated door (painted only) w/ bolt on powder coated frame (w/ panic bar and dead bolt. Check chain and weather stripping & latch guard)
Door   Door
•24’ skids with grated platform and twist lock down corners (for 20’ containers)

Skids   Skids
•44’ skids with grated platform and twist lock down corners (for 40’ containers)
Skids   Skids
•Twist locks (for stacking containers)
Twist Lock   Twist Lock   Twist Lock
•Roll shutter doors (8’-10’ wide)
Shutter Doors   Shutter Doors   Shutter Doors
•Garage doors (8’-16’ wide)
Garage Doors   Garage Doors
•14”x14”x9” powder coated vents
Vents   Vents   Vents
•Spray in insulation (1”– 3” available)
Spray Ins