Vancouver Hoardings Project

Another Workspace Solution for a Busy Jobsite

Container King’s Vancouver location recently provided hoardings to a construction project on busy Robson Street in downtown Vancouver, BC. Robson Street is one of Vancouver’s oldest commercial streets located right in the heart of the downtown core.

The construction project is being called “the tallest demolition in Vancouver history”. Container King leased three 20’ and eight 40’ hoardings (also know as temporary walkways), providing an accessible pedestrian route during construction.

The Empire Landmark Hotel and Cloud 9 restaurant will come down floor by floor over the course of one year, using cutting-edge demolition technology instead of a major implosion.


Hoardings VancouverHoardings VancouverHoardings VancouverHoardings Vancouver

Hoardings VancouverHoardings VancouverHoardings VancouverHoardings Vancouver

The hoardings are in place to protect pedestrians in and around the construction site during the internal demolition. The 42 storey building is considered a historic landmark on the street and first opened in 1973. Cloud 9, located on the top floor was know for its fine dining and was one of only two revolving restaurants in Vancouver. The hotel is slated for demolition, and redevelopment. The project is estimated to take two to three years and in the hotels’ place will be two glass towers, 31 and 32 storey’s tall. The towers will be of mixed-use, housing retail at the base.

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